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What the Internet is or becomes depends on what it means to us.
Here are two examples I've brought together to demonstrate just
how culturally important and powerful its promise is.

On the first performance of Edgar Varese' Ionization

" [...] Ionisation, a percussion work by Edgar Varese. Nicolas Slonimsky,
who conducted that performance, reminisces about the event with
David Cloud of KPFK. Recorded on March 6, 1973.  [...]

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An interview with Cathy Berberian

" [,,,] Charles Amirkhanian's interview with the legendary mezzo-soprano
Cathy Berberian was recorded informally in her home in Milan. With
birdsongs, traffic noise, and the arrival of a telegram from Luciano Berio
in the background, the singer talks about her theory of the New Vocality,
her approach to recitals, her upbringing and musical training, her experience
working with Igor Stravinsky, and many other topics Enjoy musical
exampes including excerpts from Circles, Visage, and Folksongs by Berio," [...]

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