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by Cliff Crego

In every picture,
  there's a poem;
In every poem,
    a picture.

Chinese Proverb

An exhibition of 72 photographs
made in the heart
of the European Alps,
with accompanying poems and texts.

The images are displayed in four weekly
octets, each with a
guest signature poem

Week V                                                       
fall sycamore

"Every leaf a

   Walt Whitman

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Week V

Week V: Text only

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[400 + imnages]
The Alps--
portrait of a

V (1) Walking the World: On Freedom
and Water in Flowing Movement

the essay on being lost and the
possibility of change, The Pause

V (2) Leaves  The signature poem
of the Fall Display: "Pe:rhaps leaves fall
simply to carry away all that we thought/we need to say..."

V (3) On Paths 
The pass is clearly in view/
but the way— how hopelessly confused.

V (4) First/Last A trio of 37-step
poems: "This patience of trees/ an unmovable trust of the
earth upon which they stand..."
(also: a longer cycle
of 15 such miniatures, called Ridge Crossing )

V (5) Departure Tree  
"When the cup is broke / and no more use,
where does the circle go?" (also: Fireweed Poems:
Romances (1) and (2); (3) and (4)

V (6) Rilke: Death Experience
"But when you left, a strip of reality 
broke upon the stage..."
(also: The Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke:
New Translations by Cliff Crego)

V (7) Neon Graffiti: Four Easy Steps          
...Four easy steps to a radically new
popular music: (1) don't play 4/4; (2) don't say..."

V (8) The Open Window  
Birds don't stay long in one place. Or
is this just the way of birds and trees?


Week VI                                                        

"There's nothing worse
than a sharp image
of a fuzzy concept."

   Ansel Adams

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Week VI

Watershed map of the
area of the European Alps
where the photos were made.
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Week VI: Text only

VI (1) Walking the World: On Form
and Water in Flowing Movement
. "Form emerges
out of movement; it is the outward envelop
of the pulse of life."
(also: see the longer
poem in rounds, Little Stone Man )

VI (2) More Leaves
"...and the orchestra of strings stops
now listening, to tune and tune again..."

VI (3) Barn Work
"A farmer's life is measured
by the pitchfork fulls, of hay, of..."

VI (4) The Beech and the "Eye of the Moor"
"Each day, the beech renews its romance
with the space into which it has grown
so slowly and knows so well..."


VI (5) The Broken Lance
"...forcing the water to move through
straight iron pipes, aligned to the axis of a cross."

VI (6) Rilke: A Walk
"Already my gaze is upon the hill, the sunny one,
at the end of the path I've only just begun..."

(also: The Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke:
New Translations by Cliff Crego)

VI (7) Neon Graffiti: At the Keyboard
"Tap, tap,  t a p....."

VI (8) High Country Moor
"...a bit cold and lost, but what does
it matter / the way only goes down from here."
(also: another poem and photograph from the same cycle,
High Country Moor # 13: "Deep, fluffy snowshoe snow,
covering color, rocks, small trees...

Week VII                                                        
20 Snowy Mountains

"Among twenty snowy/
The only moving thing
Was the eye of the black bird."

   Wallace Stevens

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Week VII


Calendar of festivals
of the Solar Year

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Week VII: Text only

VII (1) Walking the World: On Music,
Poetry and Flowing Movement
. "What makes music or
poetry new...is the strength of resonance its energy has
with the repertoire of metaphysical and spiritual urgencies
of the present moment." 

VII (2) More Leaves: Maple Symmetry 
A Die Falls "The die comes to rest on a '3'/
but we need a '2' since
one of thing makes no difference..."

VII (3) A Daisy of Dry Meadows
"No stone, but a song
which snaps shut resolutely..."

VII (4) Ringing the Changes at Candlemas
"The children light candles for each
star in the night sky ...."


VII (5) The Passageway
"Have you ever noticed how the shape of the
earth always seems to be asking us questions?"

VII (6) Rilke: Love Song
"And yet everything which touches us, you and me,
takes us together like a single bow..."

(also: The Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke:
New Translations by Cliff Crego)

VII (7) Neon Graffiti: Simplicity
"In Politics, the most radical idea
is simplicity; In Art..."
(see also: An
American Triptych
, a longer wayside cycle)

VII (8) High Country Moor
"...for the first time,
the sight of amethyst stars."
(also: another poem and photograph from the same cycle,
High Country Moor # 13: "Deep, fluffy snowshoe snow,
covering color, rocks, small trees...

Week VIII: A Week of Doubles                                
Snow Lights

"...with a joy like that
of celestial paradise..."

   von Bingen

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Antiphon, or
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Also: a special
double epigram

at Red Ribbons:
and Stevens

Week VIII: Text only

To see and hear the musical
scores for
Stone Pine Mountain
Wanderer, and other
poems, go to
The Circle in the Square
a new music/poetry
performance project
by Cliff Crego

VIII (1) Walking the World: On Art,
the Artist and Balance in Flowing Movement
. "Perhaps
the only thing we can know for sure about
creativity is what it is not..."

VIII (2) More Leaves: This Is the Time 
Two Rhyming Children's Poems "This is
the time the maple trees glow..." and Soybean Pie! text

(also: score for double children's choir:
Soybean Pie!: score )

VIII (3) On Paths IV Special Delivery
"Each morning, when I go out to
get the mail, I feel a secret desire
to find...."

VIII (4) Two Little Poems about Nothing
Zero and No Reply "This waiting for that which
does not come, perhaps, will not come....."


VIII (5) Mountain Time  "Tears freeze instantly/
gazing out into all the airy distance."
"Does one ever really arrive in Flatland?"
(see also: Omphalos "Space...")

VIII (6) Rilke: "The last house..."
"The little village is but a place of transition,
expectant and afraid, between two vast distances..."
(see also: The Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke:
New Translations by Cliff Crego; and Im Bild
for a collection of images with Rilke poems)

VIII (7) Neon Graffiti: GENOME and FALLACY
"Changing but a single note/in a Beethoven symphony
might..." BASIC BALLOT  "Vote yes for no!"
To see all of these little tragic-comic, spiritual-political
though-poems together, go to Neon Graffiti (also: An
American Triptych
, a longer wayside cycle)

VIII (8) Two Little Poems about Everything
One Morning
and Stone Mountains "If I carry
the mountain in my heart, pick up the stone/
is to pick up the mountain."

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