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by Cliff Crego

In every picture,
  there's a poem;
In every poem,
    a picture.

Chinese Proverb

An exhibition of 72 photographs
made in the heart
of the European Alps,
with accompanying poems and texts.

The images are displayed in four weekly
octets, each with a
guest signature poem

Week I                                                        
morning glory

The temple bell stops—
but the sound keeps coming
out of the flowers.

Basho (tr. Robert Bly)

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Week I

Week I: Text only

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[400 + imnages]
The Alps--
portrait of a

I (1) Walking the World:
On Water in Flowing Movement

I (2) Leys of Love
Do you not know this light
and quick movement of energy?

I (3) On the Wayside  What's a weed but the
unwanted noise of another man's music?
(also: Street Dogs;
African Drummer; Spina Christi;
A Gathering Place;
The Dance of Chance; A Woman Alone;
The Literal Man;
musical score  for On the Wayside)

I (4) The Farming Life  If you want to be a poet,
call yourself a farmer... (also: Every Valley Remembers;

Making Hay; Cutting Time; Common Names;
Knowing; Sitting)

I (5) Timberline (1) and (2) 
...measured by the width of a whisper.

I (6) Mountain Path  
As two learn to walk together as one...

I (7)  Neon Graffiti: Y2K
...oh, oh, o h ,
that Strangelovian Rag....."

I (8) The High Moor...  
Deep, fluffy snowshoe snow,
covering color, rocks, small trees...


Week II                                                        
no passage

"I see and approve
of the better way,
but follow the worse."


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Week II

Watershed map of the
area of the European Alps
where the photos were made.
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Week II: Text only

II (1) Walking the World: As the River Runs
Reflecting upon this tragedy of the destruction of the Rhine...
(also: from WOODCUTS; DAM and essay on natural
 called, The Devil Stands on the other Side )

II (2) The Little Clavier
Each poem is a miniature makeshift piano...
(also: see the essay The Little Clavier and
the Idea of Sympathetic Resonance

II (3) The Botanical Gardens
After a while, you read the signs first...

II (4) Knowing
Summer mountain, magic meadow...


II (5) Here
On the way, many beautiful camps
offer themselves for the night... (also: Part I of a cycle
of 80 short high country poems called On Paths: I ;
see also ListeningPage: On Paths)

II (6) Rilke: Evening
Slowly the evening changes into the clothes,
held for it by a row of ancient trees...

(also: The Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke:
New Translations by Cliff Crego)

   II (7) The Sound of XTC
   Two big speakers, ridin'/  drive, drive, drive...
   (also: musical score  of XTC)

II (8) Winter Solstice
That time of year when thoughts of the past
turn to face the stars of the North...

Week III                                                       

The great sea has
sent me adrift...

an Igulik Eskimo
woman, 19thc.

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Week III

Week III: Text only


Calendar of festivals
of the Solar Year

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III (1) Walking the World Making the Image Whole
Every mechanically reproduced image of a natural world
must be recomposed by the viewer in order to bring it back to life.
(also: see an essay called, Backpack Pilgrim; Listen to Cliff Crego
read at the ListeningPage: Backpack Pilgrim)

III (2) Leaves  
Perhaps leaves fall simply to carry away
all that we thought we needed to say.

III (3) Centers
What we think of as empty space is alive,  
has structure, just as wood has a grain.
(also: The Rhythms of the Solar Year: A Calendar )

III (4) The Revolving Door  
...and the revolving door,
now empty, swings round its middle,
as faces turn and eyes meet, once more.

III (5) A Gathering Place
In a far / corner, glass
opaque and crusty with old manure...

III (6) For a Friend and a Crow
Mid-morning, sitting in new
snow with an old friend.

III (7) Waystations 
    Empty, there's no one here...(also: Part II of a cycle
    of 80 short high country poems called On Paths: II )

III (8) November Snow
To the side of a cascade of little waterfalls,
the yellow-golden leaves of a mountain birch
drop one by one into the clear pool where the
water gathers itself together and rests a while.

Week IV                                                       
limestone flats

The miracle
     is not to fly in the air,
         or to walk on water,
   but to walk on the Earth.
            Chinese Proverb

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Week IV

To see and hear the musical
scores for
Stone Pine Mountain
and Wanderer,
go to The Circle in the Square
a new music/poetry
performance project
by Cliff Crego

Week IV: Text only

IV (1) Walking the World Stone Pine Mountain
The Earth is not everywhere old. Hidden away wherever we look
are these little places where life is just beginning anew.

IV (2) Six Metaphysical Miniatures
The spring gives freely of its water,
but only in freedom can we drink. (also: On Simplicity,
Complexity and Human Design
; Archive of Miniatures )

IV (3) Without
A world without light or sound
is thinkable, but...
(also: Fireweed Poems: Songs of Love and Loss: Part I  and
Fireweed Poems: Songs of Love and Loss: Part II

IV (4) Crabgrass
How the violets and yellow flowers
of spring wish to return, sure signs
that someone has given up all the fighting..

IV (5) Wanderer

... these necessary crossings
     of arbitrary borders ...

IV (6) Rilke: Autumn Day
Lord: it is time. The summer was immense.
Let thine shadows upon the sundails fall...

(also: The Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke:
New Translations by Cliff Crego)

(7) Every Valley Has Two Sides
     A cluster of stone huts, huddled
     together like sheep in a storm.

IV (8) Sometimes a poem
wanders about the world...

(coda  and signature piece for exhibition)

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