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From the Arnold Schönberg Center

Four historic recordings -- an interview,
a speech, a lecture, and a performance . . .

Gertrud Schoenberg interviewed by Glenn Gould (in English)
KNX Radio for CBC, 8 March 1962 [47:00]

PART ONE [RealAudio]:

PART TWO [RealAudio]:

(ii) Schönberg spricht . . .
To the National Institute of Arts and Letters  

May 22, 1947

The "Boiling water" speech

On Schoenberg's struggle to follow his musical instincts in composition.

"Personally I had the feeling as if I had fallen into an ocean of boiling water,
and not knowing how to swim or to get out in another manner, I tried with
my legs and arms as best as I could."
Arnold Schönberg, speaking in English

LISTEN IN RealAudio:

(iii) Composition and Creativity:
A lecture by Pierre Boulez  on Arnold Schönberg [50']
Los Angeles, 1987

"You don't speak about the work, but the work speaks
about you."
Pierre Boulez

PART ONE [RealAudio]:

PART  TWO [RealAudio]:

PART  THREE [RealAudio]:

PART FOUR [RealAudio]:

(iv) Arnold Schönberg:
Phantasy for Violin with Piano Accompaniment op. 47

Koldofsky Trio

Adolf Koldofsky, Violine; Eduard Steuermann, Klavier
Dial, 1951


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