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From Radio Netherlands . . .

War of words
by Michele Ernsting

"The "war on terror" has instilled a new militarism in foreign policy. Attacks
and counter attacks have raised the level of tension, but in many ways words
rather than violence have fuelled a desire for revenge and war. It's easy to
underestimate the power of words, but in the past year they have been skillfully
manipulated by politicians, diplomats, entertainers and the media to shift public
Part 1: The Producers (29' 16") [REQUIRES RealAudio]

"Listen to the full programme, as featured on Radio Netherlands.
Propaganda is one of the oldest weapons of war. Words are used to
appeal to people's darkest fear and secret hopes. They can raise morale
in troubled times, they can lead us into battle, in the worst case, they allow
us to shed our humanity and join in the slaughter of an enemy. Johan
Galtung identifies three key strategies for propagandists: turn the conflict
into one of "us" versus "them"; demonize the opponent; make it seem as if
violence is the only solution." [...]

Part 2: The Cutting Room (29' 21") [REQUIRES RealAudio]

"Listen to the full programme, as featured on Radio Netherlands. The cutting
room is where news reports are edited for broadcast. In wartime a lot of
information ends up on the cutting room floor. In the U.S. corporate media
controls most of what is broadcast.

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["Please note that this is not Mr. Robert Fisk's official Website.
He is neither connected to it in any way nor does he have an interest
in it. All articles and reports by Mr. Robert Fisk on this Website
belong to "Independent Newspaper UK" and duly link to original
articles on their Website."]

22nd November, 2002 (62' Audio-Video) [REQUIRES RealAudio]

http://www.brightpathvideo.com - Robert Fisk - Award winning
Middle East journalist gives talk on "War and Peace", Nov.22, 2002 -
For Middle East Children's Alliance

Poets Against the War 

"February 14, 2003. 4 Sam Hamill delighted a standing-room only crowd
at the Upstage Café in Port Townsend, Washington Wednesday night when
he made a surprise appearance to participate in the National Poetry Against
the War Day. Hamill received a standing ovation after reading his own poem,
"Sheepherder Coffee," and poems by Robert Creeley, Grace Schulman and
Yusef Komunyakaa.

On the other side of the country Emily Warn, Thornton Writer-in Residence
at Lynchburg College, was turned away at the gates of the White House.
She was attempting to deliver the anthology of anti-war poems Hamill
had promised to present to First Lady Laura Bush in lieu of an appearance
at the symposium and reception "Poetry and the American Voice" that
Mrs. Bush indefinitely postponed after many of the nation's finest poets
declined her invitation." [...]

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