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What the Internet is or becomes depends on what it means to us.
Here are two examples I've brought together to demonstrate just
how culturally important and powerful its promise is.

Edgar Varèse and Igor Stravinsky were two of the 20th century's
greatest and most visionary musicians. That these historic documents
are finally freely available is a real break-through. They are after all
our shared heritage, or our cultural common ground.

Yet there is still so much to be done. I for one would greatly
applaud taking as many of these Igor Stravinsky rehearsal tapes
as possible out of the vaults of (Columbia Records) recording
studios and making them fully public. *

Edgar Varese' Sonic Liberation

"From Ground Control Studios in Philadelphia comes this thorough
and searching documentary about one of America's pioneer radical
composers, Edgar Varese (1883-1965). Interviews with Louise Varese,
the composer's wife and companion from 1917 until his death in 1965,
Chou Wen-Chung
, the composer's friend, student and amenuensis,
Ann McMillan, tape and electronics assistant to Varese, and Frank Zappa,
afficionado of the late experimentalist provide a fascinating backdrop
to the narrative of Kimberly Haas, Music Director of WXPN
in Philadelphia." [...]

| Listen to entire program as streamed MP3 |

Stravinsky In Rehearsal from 1947
by William Malloch

If you would like to have an idea of what it's like to make
new music in a studio situation with a master musician conducting, study
this recording closely. Here, at the age of 65, Stravinsky brings
tremendous energy and intelligence, but also charm, to the work
at hand:

"In 1947, William Malloch possessed of a sense of history, recorded
Igor Stravinsky rehearsing his new revision of his symphonies of wind
instruments in memory of Debussy. The sound is antique but the picture
of what Stravinsky is striving for musically comes through clearly
enough." [...]

| Listen to entire program as streamed MP3 |

Or browse their wonderful Internet Archive: Audio Archive . . .
Other unrelated links of special interest . . .

Black Box Voting
a website & book by Bev Harris

"The leading consumer protection organization for elections
501(c)3 nonprofit, nonpartisan, publicly funded consumer
research and education group."

About Bev Harris

"Riveting...Bev Harris stumbled onto a national story ignored
by every big-city newspaper in the land, and worked it deeper
and deeper with scoops that would have made her career at the
New York Times or Washington Post." — Vanity Fair

Bev Harris is the investigative journalist who blew the lid off
the e-voting industry. The following stories were broken by,
or were reliant almost exclusively on, her original research:

1. (Chapter 3) Oct. 2002 Harris broke the story of Senator Chuck
Hagel's involvement in ES&S, the company whose machines counted
his votes. This story was confirmed in January 2003 by The Hill.

2. (Chapter 2) In November 2002 Harris revealed over 100 documented
miscounts, caused by voting machines in real elections. This story was
later reported in the New York Times." [...]

The Poetry of Emily Dickinson
Reprint of the original 1913 Atlantic Monthly article
by Martha Hale Shackford

"Emily Dickinson is one of our most original writers, a force destined
to endure in American letters.

There is no doubt that critics are justified in complaining that her work

is often cryptic in thought and unmelodious in expression. Almost all

of her poems are written in short measures, in which the effect of curt

brevity is increased by her verbal penuriousness. Compression and

epigrammatical ambush are her aids; she proceeds, without preparation

or apology, by sudden, sharp zigzags. What intelligence a reader has

must be exercised in the poetic game of hare-and-hounds, where ellipses,

inversions, and unexpected climaxes mislead those who pursue sweet

reasonableness. Nothing, for instance, could seem less poetical than

this masterpiece of unspeakable sounds and chaotic rhymes:--" [...]

Bush Administration Plans to Overturn
Popular Roadless Protection for National Forests


"Today, the Bush Administration announced a plan that would overturn
the Roadless Area Conservation Rule, the landmark conservation initiative
enacted in 2001 to protect 58.5 million acres of National Forest roadless
areas from additional road-building and logging." [...]

Final Plan for Oregon Forests Calls for Intense Logging

"Bush Administration Finalizes Plans for Destructive Logging in Oregon.
One of the Largest Timber Sales in Modern History Slated for Spectacular
Wild Forests" [...]

Ohio stops three counties from switching to e-voting

"COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Three counties that were considering electronic
voting machines made by Ohio-based Diebold Inc. cannot switch by November
because tests have shown security problems, Secretary of State Kenneth
Blackwell said Friday." [...]

Environmental Milestones: A Worldwatch Retrospective

"Trace key moments in the modern environmental movement from the 1960s
until today. Explore pivotal events, scientific breakthroughs, and obstacles
through an illustrated timeline with links to further details and resources on
the Web."  Environmental Milestones

Candidate Comparison 2004 Presidential
Election Top Contributors

Register to Vote Online: US

* [As a footnote here, it is perhaps worth noting that, on the Internet,

       one copy serves all.

That is, there is one source copy of a piece
of music, for example, and anyone with access can listen.
This is an extraordinary elegant, effective and efficient manner in
which to share meaning. I think we would do well to keep this fact
in mind as the Internet evolves, so that we are not confused by
the rush to enrich ourselves financially via the new technology, but instead
see clearly the vastly more urgent and exciting prospect of enriching
ourselves -- and here I mean everyone, not just a fortunate few --

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