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From Food & Water Watch . . .

Water — Food & Water Watch

"Water sustains all life. We drink it, we bathe in it, we grow our
food with it. We can’t live without it. Yet today, water is being
polluted, depleted and diverted at a rapid rate. One in 6 people —
more than 1 billion — lack access to clean water. And that number
will increase if we do not act now.


Unmeasured Danger: America’s Hidden
Groundwater Crisis

Water Privatization Threatens Workers, Consumers
and Local Economies

Dried Up, Sold Out


Watch Blue Gold

Watch Food Inc.

The Water Front

"What if you lived by the largest body of fresh water in the world
but could no longer afford to use it?

Residents of Highland Park, Michigan, known as the birthplace
of the auto-industry, have received water bills as high as $10,000;
they have had their water turned off, their homes foreclosed, and
are struggling to keep water, a basic human right, from becoming

Other links of interest:

Derrick Jensen

"If we wish to stop the atrocities, we need merely to step away from the isolation.
There is a whole world waiting for us, waiting to welcome us home."

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