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Deep Ecology

from NewDimensions.org

"Deep Ecology has many roots, which
can be traced to the ecocentric religions
and ways of life of primal peoples around
the world and to many other ancient
and modern sources."

From newdimensions.org 
"Changing the world one broadcast at a time"

Deep Ecology

"Deep Ecology has many roots, which can be traced to the ecocentric religions
and ways of life of primal peoples around the world and to many other ancient
and modern sources. These include Taoism; Saint Francis of Assisi; the romantic,
nature-oriented countercultural movement of the nineteenth century with its
roots in Spinoza; the ecocentrism and social criticism of Henry David Thoreau,
John Muir, D.H. Lawrence, Robinson Jeffers and Aldous Huxley; and the Zen
Buddhism of Alan Watts and Gary Snyder.

Emerging in the 1980s as an influential philosophical, social and political movement,
Deep Ecology has shaped the environmental debate among leading activists and
policymakers from former Vice-President Al Gore to Dave Foreman, co-founder
of Earth First!"

The Deep Ecology series (a 30 minute audio overview/sampler)
(requires RealAudio. To download a free player, go to http://www.real.com/)

[...] "The Deep Ecology series has now won 2 national awards and one
International award!!

"Every day in the press and the electronic media we read and hear about
the ongoing destruction of our planetary life-support system: the greenhouse
effect, ozone layer depletion, deforestation, and air and water pollution.

Deep Ecology for the 21st Century is a 13-week radio series
of one-hour programs
that explores contemporary ecological consciousness
and the Deep Ecology movement, and offers fascinating, provocative and
sometimes controversial solutions to the environmental challenges that are
now upon us." [...]

Ethics, Energy, Economics and Equity for Everyone
with Anita Roddick (requires RealAudio)

"The rise of the vigilante consumer challenging the corporate culture and
the concerned citizen exercising the democratic right of dissent, has given
rise to a worldwide movement opposing globalization. Roddick, founder of
THE BODY SHOP, with her refreshing candor and directness, speaks to
the poverty, crime, hunger, low wages, environmental deterioration and other
problems caused by globalization, while at the same time offering practical
solutions and ways that individuals can make a difference and create a world
that works for all>" [...]

[...] "200 people have the combined wealth of 2 1/2 billion people."

Other links of interest . . .

the Field Guide for the next Millinium

"Now, in one location, you can identify all the common plants, animals,
birds and landforms of the Rockies!" 

"Naturalist, photographer and all-around mountain guru Ward Cameron
is behind the site," [...]

Web TV Network

Building a Railway - Making a Nation
(requires RealAudio)

"Our first online presentation looks at one of Canada's epic adventures.
The building of the Canadian Pacific Railway helped cement Canada as
a nation and connected the remote western wilderness with the commercial
centers in the east. This is a story of struggle against immeasurable obstacles
and impossible realities. It also represents one of Canada's greatest moments."

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