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Arctic Oil

A Picture/Poem collection
of links to reliable information
and contemporary voices

The Wilderness Society

Broken Promises:
The Reality of Big Oil in America's Arctic

New Report Documents Gap Between Environmental Promises
and Reality on Alaska's North Slope

"Broken Promises" Debunks Drilling Proponents'
Myths About Arctic Oil Drilling

| An excellent resource: download the report "Broken Promises" as PDF [1.2 Mb]

Alaska Wilderness League

"Your voice for Alaska's wilderness in the Nation's Capital"

Arctic Wilderness Bill Introduced in Senate

[...] "We praise the leadership of Senator Lieberman and the other co-sponsors
for coming together to support legislation that permanently protects Alaska's
most threatened wilderness from the ravages of oil development," said
Cindy Shogan, Alaska Wilderness League's executive director." [...]

Pillagers Strip Iraqi Museum of Its Treasure
http://www.nytimes.com/  [REQUIRES one-time registration]
"Nothing remained, museum officials said, at least nothing of real value,
from a museum that had been regarded by archaeologists and other specialists
as perhaps the richest of all such institutions in the Middle East.

"As examples of what was gone, the officials cited a solid gold harp from
the Sumerian era, which began about 3360 B.C. and started to crumble
about 2000 B.C. Another item on their list of looted antiquities was a
sculptured head of a woman from Uruk, one of the great Sumerian cities,
dating from about the same era, and a collection of gold necklaces, bracelets
and earrings, also from the Sumerian dynasties and also at least 4,000 years old.

"But an item-by-item inventory of the most valued pieces carried away
by the looters hardly seemed to capture the magnitude of what had occurred.
More powerful, in its way, was the action of one museum official in hurrying
away through the piles of smashed ceramics and torn books and burned-out
torches of rags soaked in gasoline that littered the museum's corridors to find
the glossy catalog of an exhibition of "Silk Road Civilizations" that was held
in Japan's ancient capital of Nara in 1988." [...]

"Mr. Muhammad, the archaeologist, directed much of his anger at President Bush.
"A country's identity, its value and civilization resides in its history," he said.
"If a country's civilization is looted, as ours has been here, its history ends.
Please tell this to President Bush. Please remind him that he promised to
liberate the Iraqi people, but that this is not a liberation, this is a humiliation."[...]

From the Itlaian press, La Repubblica
A Roma in marcia per la pace
"Siamo in cinquecentomila"

Sfilano tra gli altri Bertinotti, Fassino, Cofferati
Durante la manifestazione qualche incidente in coda

The Teachings of J. Krishnamurti: International Website

Watch the short documentary video

Silence [c. 2' 30" REQUIRES RealAudio]

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