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Metaphor and War

An excerpt from a seminal essay
by the linguist, George Lakoff

The use of a metaphor with a set of
definitions becomes pernicious when
it hides realities in a harmful way."              

From Metaphor and War  by George Lakoff

A classic essay written more than ten years ago on the eve of the Gulf War
by the eminent Professor of Linguistics at the University of California at Berkeley.
At the time, it was also historic for being one of the first such articles to be widely
circulated via the then just emerging Internet.

"[...] Metaphorical thought, in itself, is neither good nor bad; it is simply
commonplace and inescapable. Abstractions and enormously complex
situations are routinely understood via metaphor. Indeed, there is an
extensive, and mostly unconscious, system of metaphor that we use
automatically and unreflectively to understand complexities and
abstractions. Part of this system is devoted to understanding interna-
tional relations and war. [...]"

"[...] The use of a metaphor with a set of definitions becomes pernicious
when it hides realities in a harmful way. It is important to distinguish
what is metaphorical from what is not. Pain, dismemberment, death,
starvation, and the death and injury of loved ones are not metaphori-
cal. They are real and in a war, they could afflict tens, perhaps hundreds
of thousands, of real human beings, whether Iraqi, Kuwaiti,
or American.[...]"

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