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From webradio station, Democracy NOW!

Program for September the 27th, 2002
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According to Democracy NOW!

Republican and Democratic Senate offices report
"overwhelming" opposition from their constituents
to war with Iraq. This comes as Congress finalizes
a war resolution on Iraq.".

From the webedition of The Progressive


September 6, 2002

Matthew Rothschild [editor of The Progressive] makes
a case against war with Iraq
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Other related interesting links . . .

From nologo.org

A Letter from Naomi Klein

Welcome to NoLogo.org,

This site is not run by a book publisher. It is not run by some shadowy No Logo
Organization - no such entity exists. It's not even run by me, not exactly. It is a
brand extension of an anti-branding book?

Well, sort of.

Between 1995 and 1999, I researched and wrote a book about lifestyle branding,
labour abuses and anti-corporate resistance. No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand
Bullies was published in English in January 2000. It so happened that at precisely
that time, movements against corporate globalization were exploding into mainstream
consciousness around the world, mostly because of the anti-WTO protests in Seattle.
The tag line on this site is "the book that became part of a movement" because No
Logo has been swept up in the momentum of all this recent activism, and I've been
swept up along with it." [..]

And listen to Naomi Klein on this WNYC
radio RealAudio clip:

For those willing to take the time, this program is interesting
to listen to, not just because of the radically contradictory views
presented here, but also -- and perhaps more so importantly, because
of the lack of communication between those speaking
. [C.C.]

WNYC The Brian Lehrer Show

No Logo v. Pro Logo [c. 1:23'] (requires RealAudio.
download a free player, go to http://www.real.com/)

Thursday, September 26 2002

"Does economic liberalization promise great wealth or greater
misery for the world's poor? [...] Naomi Klein, brand-skeptic,
and Sameena Ahmad, label-lover, disagree on nearly all the
questions." [...]

For Dutch readers:

De Groene Amsterdammer van 24-3-2001

Als Cola-politiek en Maya-folklore elkaar raken
van Naomi Klein

"Bij een ontspanningscentrum aan de rand van Mexico Stad is
de menigte rusteloos aan het worden. De Zapatistas werden
geacht om negen uur «on the road» te zijn en het is al bijna elf
uur. Een truck met open laad bak, volgeladen met balen hooi
en opgesierd met vlaggen, draait achteruit naar de ingang van
het centrum." [...]

For German readers:

»Die virtuelle Welt real machen«
von Christiane Schulzki-Haddouti  

"Klein kritisiert die menschenunwüdigen Arbeitsbedingungen
in den ghettoähnlich abgeschirmten Sweatshops in Südostasien,
die für die westlichen Großkonzerne teure Markenkleidung
herstellen: Auf der einen Seite bauen teure Marketingleute die
Marke auf, die coolen Lebensstil, Sportsgeist oder Freiheit
versinnbildlicht. Auf der anderen Seite werden die Kosten
wieder bei der Herstellung in Entwicklungsländern eingespart -
mit Gewinnspannen bis zu 400 Prozent. In den Industrieländern
hingegen beherrschen die Unternehmen mit ihren Marken den
öffentlichen Raum, versuchen Kultur und Bildung für sich zu
vereinnahmen." [...]

And other unrelated, but interesting links . . .

From enn.com [Environmental News Network]

New England's brilliant autumn sugar maples —
and their syrup — threatened by warmth

by Jeff Dorn

Syrup is the soul of Vermont. It is said that roughly one in four Vermont
trees is a sugar maple. Vermonters made almost 60 percent of New England's
850,000 gallons of syrup this year, according to federal farm data." [...]

"Much of New England could lose its maple forests over the next century
in favor of the more mundane terrain of oak and hickory dominant in the
warmer south, according to scientists who study global warming." [...]

From nytimes.com
[onetime registration required]

Disease Hits Firs and Redwoods,
Posing Risk of Economic Damage

by Carol Kaesuk Yoon

Anyone who has trekked in the mountains of
the Pacific Northwest would be very alarmed
by this report.

September 5, 2002  

"Douglas fir, one of the nation's most economically important timber species,
and California's coast redwood are infected with the fast-spreading new
disease known as sudden oak death syndrome, scientists reported
yesterday." [...]

"We were stunned," said Dr. David Rizzo, plant pathologist at the
University of California at Davis who led the study with Dr. Matteo
Garbelotto, a forest pathologist at the Berkeley campus. "Douglas fir
goes up into British Columbia, so this is a big deal." [...]

From cnn.com

Battle Over Silence

LONDON, England -- A bizarre legal battle over a minute's
silence in a recorded song has ended with a six-figure
out-of-court settlement.

"British composer Mike Batt found himself the subject of a plagiarism
action for including the song, "A One Minute Silence," on an album
for his classical rock band The Planets.

He was accused of copying it from a work by the late American
composer John Cage, whose 1952 composition "4'33"" was totally

On Monday, Batt settled the matter out of court by paying an
undisclosed six-figure sum to the John Cage Trust." [...]

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