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From Amercian Mavericks
Suzanne Vega

"American Mavericks is produced by American Public Media
in association with the San Francisco Symphony and
Michael Tilson Thomas, Music Director."

John Adams: Harmonielehre
(40:00) RealAudio

Edgar Varèse: Arcana | Deserts
(16:43 | 25:17) RealAudio

San Francisco Symphony | Michael Tilson Thomas

Bikes Against Bush
Joshua Kinberg

Read a review of *Bikes Against Bush*
fron the German point of view in Spiegel ONLINE

"Ein New Yorker hat einen Fahrrad-Drucker entwickelt, der
Anti-Bush-Losungen auf die Straße druckt. Surfer können
die Texte im Web eintippen."

| Watch a remarkable silent RealAudio clip *I LOVE NEW YORK* |

[VIII.30.2004 update] Cops Put Brakes on Bike Protest

"Joshua Kinberg, the 25-year-old creator of Bikes Against Bush,
was arrested on charges of criminal mischief and criminal possession
of graffiti instruments, according to Sgt. Mary Christine Doherty
of the New York City Police Department." [...]

Grote poptournee tegen Bush [registration required]

Article in the Dutch daily newspaper, De Volkskrant:
"Large Rock Tour against Bush" featuring
Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, R.E.M., Bonnie Raitt,
the Dixie Chicks, the Dave Matthews Band, James Taylor
and John Mellencamp

Henri Cartier-Bresson: (dies at 95)




"Born in Chanteloup, Cartier-Bresson started painting in 1923
and began to photograph in 1931, met Tériade, the editor of
Verve magazine and frequented members of the French surrealist
movement. After a trip to the Ivory Coast he discovered the Leica,
since then his camera of choice." [...]

What is Magnum Photos?
"Magnum Photos is a photographic co-operative of great diversity
and distinction owned by its photographer-members. With powerful
individual vision, Magnum photographers chronicle the world and
interpret its peoples, events, issues and personalities. Through its
four editorial offices in New York, London, Paris and Tokyo, and a
network of fifteen sub-agents, Magnum Photos provides photographs
to the press, publishers, advertising, television, galleries and
museums across the world." [...]

SEE ALSO: a selection of images at Peter Fetterman Gallery

Czeslaw Milosz (dies at 93)

The ABC's of Apocalypse

Milosz's ABC's reviewed by
Dana Gioia
in San Francisco Magazine, December 2000

SEE ALSO: Czeslaw Milosz's Song on the End of the World
Warsaw 1944 | listen in Polish]

When Your Computer Becomes Toxic Trash

"With more and more people getting “wired” everyday, electronics
has become the world's fastest-growing manufacturing industry.
While computers enable us to access and retain more information than
ever before, we may not realize that each of these machines is also a
toxics trap. Tiny semiconductors require more material inputs than
most traditional goods. Workers in the “clean rooms” where the chips
are made are exposed to a host of chemicals that have been linked to
cancers, miscarriages, and birth defects. And these facilities generate
huge volumes of chemical waste, contaminating groundwater at many
high-tech sites. " [...]

SEE ALSO: Basel Action Network

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