Oregon, bared wire . . .
On the road in the American Northwest.

. . . The Complication Cycle . . .


contrast to the richness of natural complexity—is

difficulty which serves no purpose and is therefore

without reason or meaning.

Complicatedness is essentially the result of a

failure of perception; it leads to convoluted and

unnecessarily difficult systems of thought and

design. These, if left unchecked, go on to further

reinforce the original failed perception, which in

turn, like a dog chasing its own tail, leads in a

kind of false, cyclical way
*, to even

more difficult systems of thought and design.

Remarkably, complicatedness, because it wastes

energy, is not a feature of natural systems.

* It is a false—or what might be called an irrecycle—because,
instead of being self-sustaining like most natural cycles, complication
(irre)cycles tend to accelerate into ever-tightening loops of
contradictions until they ultimately self-destruct.

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