Walking the World: On Water in flowing Movement
Vorapl Reuss

Rushing energy fills the air!  
Being careful not to get wet,
boots step from stone to stone
like a child just learning to play
the piano, trying hard to hit
the right notes in a sea
of possible errors.The joy
of a world of self-made bridges,
used then forgotten, leaving
no trace. On the other side,
water bottle filled, I move
on up a steep slope.

From above, the whole
of the stream seems so utterly
constant, a silver thread
shimmering, weaving,
feeling its way down the

It is this movement which gives shape to the form, and it is
the structure of the bed of the stream, cut deep into the granite
rock, which gives order to the movement. A necessary unity,
it seems.

The water in my pack which quenches my thirst is not the stream.
I can take the water with me but I can't get hold of the movement.
There is something beautiful in that. At best, I can try to point at it,
but the pointing itself is not the movement which is the stream,
although I admit that I frequently confuse the two. And it is this
movement which one leaves behind as oneself, too, moves on.

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Glacier Stream, high in the River Rhine Watershed. This water flows from here,
1,300 kilometers, to Holland and the North Sea
. (Click on photo to enlarge))
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