Symphony of Pianos
The Little Clavier

Each poem
is a miniature makeshift
piano;  they're all
tuned slightly
a bit beat up, perhaps,
with a few misplaced,  broken
but it's the best we've got;

we do not play,
but simply

     push the pedals down,

sitting quietly,
listening to the strings
resonate or sing,
giving back


hidden within
the marvelous sea of chaos
that surrounds us.

(Photo: Life, May 17th, 1937 10 cents: INDIANAPOLIS HEARS
"some 1000 pianists from 40 Indiana communities plowed through Chopin and
Strauss and Schubert and List and other composers during the afternoon and
evening programs."
Fragment from center fold; no photographer mentioned.)

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The Little Clavier

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Or: you might want to see large-print version of the poem, The Big Little Clavier,
or the longer essay with musical examples called,

The Little Clavier and the Idea of Sympathetic Resonance:

"Even though the poem is short and rather comical in tone,
I do wish to suggest something of this sense of space. I also
wish to go further and suggest something still more subtle and perhaps
a bit harder to visualize, but not to sense: the idea of a motionless  or
neutral passivity  which is at once quiet and yet full of energy, ready
to reflect or respond to the world which surrounds us."

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