Twin Avens

A man and a woman meet, the
edge of two worlds, the north and south
faces of a revolving door.

The transparency of the glass
makes it clear to them both the need
for complementary intentions,

the necessity of moving
together -- his in is her out,
as the dance completes itself, of

itself, and the revolving door,
now empty, swings round its middle,
as faces turn and eyes meet, once more.

(Photo: Mountain Avens, (Geum reptans) at 2700 meters. These strikingly yellow plants—alpine members
of the strawberry family—have long, slender stolons which seem to feel about the barren glacier moraines
like little arms or legs, looking for a place to take hold and set root. In a way, this is for the plants rather
like walking in slow motion. They can be snowbound as much as eight months out of the year.)

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