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(Urbi et Orbi)

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Empty, there's no one here . . .

Signs of former empire, the simple
stations of a pilgrim's life;

A painting on the back wall flaking

     ...a powerful robed man
     with a staff, child on his
     shoulders, crosses the river,

Images, names, the sounds of immense
bells slowly fading into the distant past...

An iron cross stands guard over
rows of melted candles;

A lock and chain keep the dogs
out at night.

Watching the spring rain turn to
snow, thinking about the state
of the world.

(Gran Paradiso, the Alps, at 1300 meters:
a seven week's journey from Rome.)

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(Photo: Wayside Icon; seen throughout the central and southern Alps.
The "Urbi et Orbi" is the Vatican's "State of the World"
address, traditionally given around Easter.)
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