Week IV:  SPRING PICTURE/POEMS  by Cliff Crego

Photographs/Texts for Week IV of Display: Click on thumbnail for image with text.
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Mountain Spring Walking the       

Stone Pine Mountain
Devil's Bridge Wanderer:
Moving, always
moving, and living
inside movement.
Water on Granite Five Metaphysical  
(1) The Spring
(2) Dialogue
(3) Creative Tradition
Looking East Rilke: Autumn

Lord: it is time.
The summer was
Solo Runner Without:
A world without
light, without sound,,
is thinkable, but not
a world...
Looking West Every Valley Has
Two Sides:

A cluster of small huts,
huddled together like
sheep in a storm.
Cotton Grass Crabgrass:
4 or 5 digits  - the
splayed fingers of an
outstretched hand...
Heading West Sometimes a poem
wanders about the
in search of its
proper place and hour;

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