5 Romances,
from Fireweed Poems

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The flower was simply there,
undiscovered, waiting almost,
blooming in an abandoned field.

There were roads nearby.
And a noise that made them
uneasy about lingering too long.

They had all come to study it. And
debate its form, structure, origin,
next of kin.

There was the problem of a name.
And epithets. And, of course,
there was the issue of a sample.

Should they risk transplantation?
Would a leaf be enough? No, they
all knew, although not one of them

dared speak it out loud—They must have
a flower. Yes: a single, whole, complete,
flower. And a fitting name, of course.

That is how they found them. All standing
stones frozen in a circle about a mysterious
empty center. Outstretched hands gesturing,

    —eyes closed,
    fully opened.

(Image: Fireweed, late Summer: (Epilobium angustifolium) A circumpolar species, known for
its beauty, and for its being one of the first plants to reappear on burnt ground.)

Fireweed Poems-Songs of Love and Loss: A Cycle of 24 Poems

strophe: an order of movement which articulates itself into stanzas or groupings or clusters
of an irregular number of lines of irregular length; alternatively, in the original Greek meaning,
a complementary back and forth between the two sides of the orchestra.

katastrophe: the conflicting orders of movement of degenerative chaos and disaster; alternatively,
in the original Greek meaning, "the return to a point of rest and axial equilibrium of a lyre string
after it has ceased to vibrate," which is, therefore, once again in a state of neutrality.

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