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R h y t h m, mmm,

that sound, one hears it whole,

but the fingers trip and stutter



we back up...

tap,tap,   tap, tap, tap,

like the quick little flights and chirps of

birds, each word, each sound, makes

its own special flutter of movement,

thinking with 10 fingers, they say,

a woman can easily do this dance

and talk to a hundred men at once.

(What would he have to say?

R h y t h m, an ancient sounding word,

no, no,  
no,     b a c k     u  p,    correct th/


tap, tap,

tap, tap,    tap,      tap,              t a p,

tap, tap,

     t   a   p

push, save, shift,

rhy-thm, yes


          taptap,  tap

What would he have t/

r r o r,
k  e  y,

Type, Tap, Drift, Shift, Sif-t

l e t - t e r s
n   o   t  -  h   e   r     s



t e a r s,
f e a r s,
t   e   a   r   s.
y     e     a     r      s,

tap,tap,  type,      ripe,         hype,                     r, rr,



Tap, twist, tap,  twist - e r,

he said/

y  o  u?

d  o ?

"Do it!"       Ooooooo.. .  .       .

Twist,  tap,    rap,          trip,             err,                or,

t e a r,
s  c  a  r  e,

Tap,tap,   tap,        tap,        t a p,                 t a p- e,

( /es  b o r e d)

she  s e e s,    s  e  a  s,           he,                    w a v e s,

            r  a  v  e  s,         s  a  v  e  s,

"How  much/                        an/

tap,                           he,
rap,                              rap,

(satascatarataback),  Ooooo,    pain/       stiff/    
                                                          sorry,     rift


she's ss,  ooo,   o,   o,  ta-lenttttt t t t ,     t ,          t ,      tt—
oo, mmm, rrr,  r h y - t h m,  oh , u m,   s  o  r - r  y,

"Print it out!"

(Photo: A Neon Graffiti Composite; On the Road in North America)
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