Week VI:  FALL PICTURE/POEMS  by Cliff Crego

Photographs/Texts for Week VI of Fall Display: Click on thumbnail for image with text.
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Glacier Stream Walking the World:
On Form and Water
in Flowing
Saint George The Broken
"fire and air,
f i r e  and  a i r."
Oak Leaves More Leaves
"The summer fades
behind you,
as late one morning
you look up from
your work..."

Fall Moor Rilke: A Walk     
"and changes us,
even when we
do not reach it,
into something,
that ..."
Amanita Fall Barn Work  
"An old wheel-
barrow, the wooden
handle's worn thin
as a bone..."
Neon Quartet Neon Graffiti:
At the Keyboard
"tap, tap, t a p!"
Eye of the Moor The Beech and the
Eye of the Moor

"...into the world
in which it has grown
so slowly, and knows
so well..."
Frozen Sedge The High
Country Moor 

"How many moons
had to pass over
empty measures
of mineral silence..."

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Cockspur Hawthorn

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