Walking the World: On Art, the Artist
and Balance in Flowing Movement
Mossy Spring

(1) Perhaps the only thing
we can know for sure about
creativity is what it is not, or
what blocks it.

Fear, greed, jealousy—as
easy to spot as weeds
in the summer garden.

But the source of the seed?
One looks up to the heavens
and is brought down to earth,
clear blue skies in all directions.

(2) In Art, the main criteria of what is good, right and beautiful are
not to be found primarily in what we think of as philosophy or aesthetics,
but more in a life devoted to the patient observation of both Nature and
observation itself. Once the architect or graphic designer can no longer
draw a perfect bud, leaf or flower, then his or her work may eventually
come to refer only to itself, or, at best, merely to other art. Such work denies
itself the guiding, nurturing and sustaining resonance with the symphony
of natural forms which surrounds us.

(3) Information?  We shape the world and the world shapes us.
The more sophisticated, spiritual and in tune with the natural world
a culture becomes, the fewer and fewer words will be needed
to say ever-more important things.

(4) A mistake is a mistake repeated. Even the best of performers can
make a habit of practicing—sometimes for years—the wrong notes.

(5) In the Arts, the intolerance of little mistakes in performance points
to too much tolerance of the far bigger mistake of repeating over and
over again the same pieces,— 'perfectly'.

(6) You know you're doing good work when even the waste
paper looks too beautiful to throw away.

(Photo: Alpine Spring; March, early morning sunlight, the Swiss Alps)
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